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Data Quality Competency

Assurance and Optimization

Data quality continues to compromise significant investments in the business operating model. As a result, revenue realization, operational effectiveness, management reporting and strategic decisions are being impacted every day. The real question is "What can we do about it?" The answer is clear. The solution set, skills and perspective that the business has at its disposal are not designed to address the unique challenges presented by the Data Quality Dilemma™.

For years, operational investments have traditionally recognized three operating dimensions; people, process and technology, and unfortunately, data has often been overlooked or incorrectly assumed to be cared for in the technology dimension. As a result, process improvements, staffing increases and technology upgrades have in many cases become "workarounds" which unsuccessfully address the problem.

At Northfield Consulting Group, we strongly believe that there is substantial untapped benefit potential to be realized by focusing on Data – The Fourth Operating Dimension™. This belief is predicated on the demonstrated proposition that data quality can be used to significantly optimize business operations when data quality efforts are properly focused and prioritized on data sets with the greatest business value and criticality.



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