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Keeping abreast of new technologies, industry dynamics, professional news, etc. is one of the biggest challenges our clients face. That's why we've pulled together an easy-to-use list of Webcasts and conferences that can help you keep up and get ahead. These include events that are being sponsored or hosted by our business partners.

Here is a list of upcoming events. Stop by and say hello - even if it's virtual.




    June 25-28, 2012


    Data Governance and Information Quality Conference


San Diego, CA


    Jul 17-20, 2012


    MIT 2012 Chief Data Officer & Info Quality Symposium


Cambridge, MA


    October 14-16, 2012


    MDM and Data Governance Summit


New York, NY


    November 11-16, 2012


    World Conference 2012: Emerging Technologies 2013


Orlando, FL


    December 3-5, 2012


    2012 Data Governance Winter Conference


Fort Lauderdale, FL


    December 5, 2012


    2012 New Jersey CIO Executive Summit


Whippany, NJ


    January 13-16, 2013


    Informatica's World Wide Sales Kick-off 2013


San Francisco, CA


    January, 2013


    2013 SAP North America Field Kick-off




    February 7-8, 2013


    Gartner Master Data Management Summit


Barcelona, Spain


    February 17-22, 2013


    World Conference 2013: Data Strategy for Your Enterprise


Las Vegas, NV


    February 18-20, 2013


    Executive Summit: Executing a Data Strategy for Your Enterprise


Las Vegas, NV


    March 19, 2013


    2013 Philadelphia CIO Executive Summit


Philadelphia, PA


    April 28-May 2, 2013


    Enterprise Data World Conference 2013


San Diego, CA


    May 5-10, 2013


    World Conference 2013: Big Data Tipping Point


Chicago, IL


    May 14-16, 2013


    2013 SAPPHIRE Now and ASUG Annual Conference


Orlando, FL


    June 4-7, 2013


    Informatica World 2013


Las Vegas, NV


    September 9-12, 2013


    2013 ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Converence


Anaheim, CA


    October, 2013


    8th Annual MDM and Data Governance Summit


New York, NY


    October 2013


    SAP TechEd 2013




    November 4-7, 2013


    IAIDQ Conference 2013


Little Rock, AR


    December 8-13, 2013


    World Conference 2013: Emerging Technologies 2014


Orlando, FL


    December, 2013


    2013 New Jersey CIO Executive Summit






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