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Data Quality Competency

Data Quality Competency

At Northfield Consulting Group we recognize that the real value of data quality is realized over time. To support this vision, we have established a service offering to define, develop and deploy an Enterprise Data Quality Program that is predicated on the demonstrated proposition that data quality can be used to significantly optimize enterprise operations.

At the core of the Enterprise Data Quality Program offer is a Data Quality Competency Center which serves as the foundation for attaining and sustaining optimal data quality levels and which provides an infrastructure that enables benefit delivery.

The Data Quality Competency Center provides the organization, skills, methods, tools and perspective needed for successful realization of business goals. The Data Quality Competency Center couples proven best practices with our business partners' industry leading data quality and data management tools to provide a fully integrated data management solution that will provide benefits across the enterprise, safeguard investment in data assets and ensure operational efficiency.



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