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Systems Data Readiness

Data quality is universally recognized as one of the most critical aspects of a successful systems implementation, yet it is often overlooked or underwhelmed. Northfield Consulting Group has leveraged more than 100 years of large-scale systems implementation experience to develop a formal, structured approach to solving the Data Quality Dilemma™. Our comprehensive Data Readiness Services is underpinned by industry leading data quality application suites and are fully compliant with leading implementation methodologies, including SAP's ASAP and Oracle's AIM. This tight integration of technology and process ensures efficient utilization of valuable resources.

Unlike traditional, "back ended" approaches, our formal method greatly accelerates the identification of data defects and maximizes the available remediation window. In addition to this proactive emphasis, NCG has pioneered a risk-based technique that focuses efforts on those critical areas that pose the greatest threat to data migration success. Underpinning our approach is a business value-driven philosophy that ensures focus on areas of maximal impact. This unique perspective – focusing on value, rather than defect volume – optimizes the data quality investment and ensures that intended process design efficiencies are not compromised. By employing this structured approach our clients have experienced significant reductions in systems implementation risks and have realized the implementation benefits that they hoped to achieve.



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