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Value-Driven Approach

At Northfield Consulting Group, we recognize that all of the data currently in use by the enterprise is not of equal importance. In fact, our experience shows that a very significant subset of data is most critical to the successful fulfillment of day-to-day operations and effective decision support. But how do you determine which data to focus on?

Given the significant volume of enterprise data, complex organizational environments and the finite resources that are typically available to support data quality efforts, Northfield Consulting Group has pioneered a value-driven approach that prioritizes effort and scope based on operational impact. Leveraging our deep experience in large-scale ERP implementations, we have developed a set of accelerators that correlate data to operational impact and benefits. By utilizing these accelerators, we can ensure focus on areas of maximal impact. As a result, our value-driven approach can emphasize the achievement of business benefit and the mitigation of operational risk, whereby success is measured based on the operational benefit achieved, rather than the number of data defects remediated.

By employing this value-driven technique, our customers have been able to optimize their data quality investment and achieve acceptable levels of enterprise risk.



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